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AUT, Tommaso Cavallin, Chiara Onida, Anna Perugini, Dario Stellon, Matteo Stocco

Breaking the Mould is an exploration in experimental approaches to the traditional techniques of glass making from Murano, Venice. Breaking the Mould consists of seven designers and a material scientist, formed in the winter of 2011, with the shared goal of investigating the possibilities of introducing innovation to glass production, whilst respecting the legacy and nuances of the Muranese tradition.
Breaking the Mould is an open-ended research project that we hope will lead to a range of interesting results. The structure of the project is based in two main phases; one for research,

experimentation and testing on selected topics and materials; the other for showcasing and sharing our achievements through a series of exhibitions in selected venues.
Each project will begin from the results and the outcomes of the previous one, as a consistent continuation of a process in progress.