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L. 24,5 cm - H. 29 cm 
Blown glass and aluminium

“Caigo”, in Venetian dialect, is the mist that rises up from the lagoon waters; it is the rarefied atmosphere that welcomes Venetian fishermen at dawn. These are the inspiring images that led to the concept of the suspension lamp designed by Marco Zito for Foscarini, which stands out for the contrast between the magical shades of the diffuser and the concrete practicality of the technical components.
To bring to life the concept behind this design, the choice of material was of vital importance: indeed, typical Murano blown glass is capable of guaranteeing that shaded nuance effect that distinguishes the diffuser. The glass working process used for Caiigo is highly complex: it is up to the master glass-blower to capture the exact combination and fusion of white and transparent to achieve the desired shaded nuance. This is precisely why each lamp is unique, and the passage between the two glass colours varies slightly from one lamp to the next, thereby lending the product a craft-based quality.

In Caiigo, the thousand-year glass-blowing technique and the production expertise are combined with LED technology, which is the perfect partner for this design, creating a lamp that stands out for its character and contemporary versatility of use. A charming ambient light is teamed with excellent down lighting, making it perfect on a dining table or a desk in a study.
Caiigo is linear, balanced and magical: it is not just a lamp, but rather a fragment of a landscape. It mesmerises owing to its simplicity and its ability to change: when it is turned off, the glass almost disappears from view, whereas when it is on, it suddenly comes to life, with a soft light like that of a flame, which caresses and does not create any glare. 
Caiigo is a timeless, light-weight model that is versatile in its styling and functionality, suitable for application in a variety of settings. Owing to its size, it can also be arranged in a row or in clusters, to add character to both private settings or contract spaces.