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Maison 203
Ilaria Fracassi

An endless band, a continuous surface, a fluid and harmonious line. Dynamic shapes, that a sudden twist has transformed forever, weld them into geometries to the frontier of an enigma. Flow, the new collection of contemporary jewels in sintered nylon designed by Marco Zito for Maison 203, is inspired by the idea of movement suggested by the Moebius band: nothing more than a ring subjected to a 180° twist. An apparently simple shape, though capable of generating a geometrical short circuit of unique surfaces, in a perpetual movement that mixes the clock-wise and the anti clock-wise in an endless loop. The circular surfaces of this collection are fluid and seamless – earrings, necklace and ring – achieved using a band that twists on itself, bends and loses its shape to generate enveloping jewels, that play with light and body.

A stylish divertissement made possible by the potentialities of the 3-D printed and the will of Maison 203 – Italian brand of accessories made using this innovative technology – to continuously experiment new shapes and materials. In Flow, fluid torsions in between the surfaces are exalted by the craft finishes of the jewels, available in a black version – based on the contrast between a completely smooth side and an asphalt-like raw texture side – as well as two more versions characterised by a tone-ontone juxtaposition of the colour on the two sides: bordeaux and bloody red, navy blue and cobalt blue. The Flow collection is available in the e-commerce area of Maison 203.