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Aveamen - Design per lo spirito
L. 81,5 cm - D. 1,8 cm
Gianfranco Vasselli

The rosary Metro, where “metro” is a multivalent word - in view of the similarity to the tape measure, to test our belief and as a hint at the new possible way of conceiving the object in a contemporary metropolis - is a perforated tape, of modest size, made with recycled paper which is soaked to be scented, colored and personalized. The result is a fair product, poor by touch, easy to view, pleasant but not pretentious. Just like in contemporary centers of “shopping cult”, the meter is totally sunk in the holy building. Hung up in discrete containers in a full load, thus to provide a cultural diffusion method for different ways of the use of this product: it may be a mere tourist souvenir, a method to discover lost traditions again or a useful tool for firmer believers.

The shape, unlike the original one, suggests a different use: the small roll slips out of your pocket, you hold it having the flap with the symbol of the cross between thumb and forefinger and begin to pray while unrolling. Once unrolled two small cuts allow the assembly, thus to obtain a circular shape similar to the characteristic crown. In this way it lets you start the rite again or be worn.