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Luigi Bevilacqua
handcraft fabric
Elia Venturini

Warp and weft as glass in the Murano’s crucibles. The magic of the ancient weaving factory tells the story of the murrhine glass with a weaving threads made of culture and tradition.
The base colour of the textiles are the glass colours melting in the pot furnace, the Murrine are the yarns, the stiches and the fabric motives. Inspiration becomes project, the composition of Murrine designs the fabric motif. The handmade pattern is first digitalized, then ‘transferred’ to the punched cards that govern the movement of the thread on the loom. Magically, this produces the desired result, fabric coming out of the comb, unique effect of light and colour, just like Murrine, the design rises to light catching the iridescent colours of the lagoon...