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Marco Zito + Alessandro Pedron architetti
Lorenzo Mattozzi
Valentina d’Alberto, Ilaria dell’Orco, Ilaria Fracassi, Alessandro Zanini
Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects
Studio Progedi (strutture metalliche) FM Ingegneria (fondazioni), Studio Zambonin (impianti)
Alessandro Bonaventura FM Ingegneria
Tarquinio S.r.l. (capo commessa e impianti), Sara Appalti S.r.l. (fondazioni), Eurofrio S.r.l. (strutture metalliche e tamponamenti), Masergroup S.r.l. (cartongessi e finiture), Stragal S.r.l. (serramenti e vetri), De Castelli S.r.l. (rivestimento di facciata), Lattoneria Giacometti S.a.s. (montaggio rivestimento facciata), Greenwood S.r.l./Professional Pavimenti S.a.s. (pavimenti esterni), Joyflor (giardino)
Expo Milano 2015, Rho
OVS  S.p.A e 
Gruppo Coin S.p.A
Alessandra Chemollo

80 days to create the two brands’ pavilions, including the designing phase. Located at the beginning of the Decumanus or World Avenue, the two pavilions have been designed just like two equal modules. Thanks to a strategic location of panels, they look like a single and at the same time interconnected and fluid unit.
The unit made up of the two buildings recalls typical components of the Venetian urban area: the green “calle”, a locked component between the two units. It is lit by natural light filtered by the green mass along the big glazed spyglass. The “campiello” (small square in Venice), overlooks the Decumanus, has been designed with wooden axis and low natural green, similar to bushes; the foundation on the opposite side borders on the water canal of Expo. 
The sustainability of the project finds its expression in the willingness to re-use the two units for a kindergarten for children of OVS and Coin Group employees in Mestre, when Expo will have come to its natural conclusion. The pavilion structure has in fact been built with cold profiles, with no welding and to render it easier to assemble and reassemble, fixed with locking bolts.
The strong and at the same time refined aesthetic impact of the architecture in question is expression of the two brands’ content. This has been possible by a cover made up of metal lozenges located at four different levels and able to provide unexpected light effects.
Brushed aluminum conveys the democratic essence of the OVS brand, whereas the golden shades of the cor-tén délabré convey the sophisticated image of Milan Excelsior.

What is basically important is that each module is manufactured manually; the light flare effects change in the course of the day and amazing effects result. Witness the reversed shadows or the sensation of water vapour glowing on metal surfaces. The activity of research and the collaboration in real time with De Castelli, provider of metal surfaces, has led to such an attempt to connect the great manufacturing and handcraft skills adjusted and developed for a specific architecture.
The “time” factor is determining and always present in the project; a fast processing and production in real time in relation to customized components; the short duration of the Expo and the long time required for children’s growth. These latter after a necessary structural up-grade, will enjoy playing and learning in the area of the pavilions.