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Diameter 127 mm
Height 265 / 1040 mm
ABS, Blown glass, polycarbonate
Elia Venturini
Alessandro Paderni - studio EYE

Suro makes light mobile and combinable, thanks to its high autonomy battery, to the wireless charge technology and to the dedicated accessories, it is the perfect lamp to light any moment and any location, it can create different and suggestive scenarios. The name Suro, thought by the Venetian designer Marco Zito, comes from the Venetian dialect and it means cork. The modularity of Suro, with its dedicated accessories, perfectly matches the origin of its name, a modularity that represent the combination between technological progress and artisan tradition.

Suro is a LED lamp equipped with wireless charge technology. The touch button allows the regulation of the light intensity and the setting of the two light surfaces. The protection index IP66 makes Suro a water-resistant lamp, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.
It can be combined with Murano26, a series of glass vases blown with artisan methods by Venetian glass masters; and Spring, the table and floor diffusion support made in plexiglass that propagates its light evenly in any situation and place, either indoor or outdoor.
The lamp Suro can be wireless charged with Puck and Puck+, compact and versatile devices.
Besides from charging the wireless lamp Suro, they can charge all the devices that are compatible with the wireless charge technology, such as last generation smartphones.