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different sizes
upholstered seat and back, metal structure
Elia Venturini
Alessandro Paderni

"Venice is a textile, a maze of water threads and stone that weave each other like warp and weft.
The lagoon is a thousand-shades silk of an iridescent green, it’s glass-woven the island of Murano, that unique glass that catches and transforms the colours of light, like ancient velvets.
Thus all is created in the extraordinary glass sticks workshop of Ercole Moretti for the making of the fascinating Murrine, which I see like ancient pixel composing warp and weft of multicolored glass of countless motives.
The affinity between the furnace, Murano glassmaking, the creative art of Ercole Moretti and the antique weaving mill Luigi Bevilaqua, is amazing.

The base colour of the textiles are the glass colours melting in the pot furnace, the Murrine are the yarns, the stiches and the fabric motives.
Inspiration becomes project, the composition of Murrine designs the fabric motif.
The handmade pattern is first digitalized, then ‘transferred’ to the punched cards that govern the movement of the thread on the loom.
Magically, this produces the desired result, fabric coming out of the comb, unique effect of light and colour, just like Murrine, the design rises to light catching the iridescent colours of the lagoon..."

Wam Bergère
What strikes of the new bergère is certainly its shape, with contemporary lines but unusual proportions: the emphasized volumes serve precisely to embrace the guest completely and separate it from the surrounding environment. WAM shell, in fact, partially absorbs the surrounding noises and helps finding the concentration and relax. 

Wam Sofa
The new sofa has a backrest consisting of two covered elements which are customizable with different fabrics and colors, to create combinations suitable for any environment.
Wam sofa available in the version with and without backrest, is a polyhedric element of many identities, with which it is easy to design a living or waiting area with character. 

Wam Stool
Linear and contemporary, the stool featured the main characteristic of the collection. The distinctive design of the legs and the detail of the footrest, together with the soft shapes of the seat, make WAM the ideal complement for comfortable long waits, refreshments and moments of conviviality.