Peggy is a contemporary collection that evolves some typical 1950s stylistic features into a versatile design that can be used to furnish living or waiting areas,
    even in the combination of the two models.
    The wood frame, worked in every detail, is an identical matrix for armchair and lounge.

    The ashwood creates two ‘trestles’ that act as legs, with different inclinations and shaped at the edges for a soft, radiating effect. They culminate in an elegant and comfortable armrest, enhanced by a lightly upholstered part covered in leather or fabric, while they are joined by two wooden crosspieces that support the shell.

    This one takes on a different connotation between the two products: while the seat cushion, sloping, harmonious and rhythmic with a raised perimeter edging and surface stitching, is the same for both versions, the backrest, on the other hand, establishes its defining aesthetic.


    Elia Venturini


    Andrea Ferrari