Saba Italia,


    Shade is a filter, a screen, a compact system created by constructing spaces, decorating, separating, reserving private and intimate corners.

    The two sizes and the different finishes allow highly distinctive spaces to be created, with a choice of different fabrics perfectly coordinated with the upholstery and accessories.


    The Shades of Venice dividers are created with a magical colourful weave in nautical cords inspired by the Venetian islands and their local colours. 

    From the white stone of Giudecca to the colours of the vegetables, like the artichokes that grow in the vegetable gardens of Venice’s Sant’Erasmo.

    Inspired by Murano, the light blue and green colours play in the threads of the divider’s weave, whilst the bright tonalities and contrasts of the Burano design reflect the colourful houses of the island in orange and blue. 


    Ilaria Fracassi